man with nice smile veneers conceptWhether you have one specific change you wish you could make to your smile or many, feeling self-conscious about its appearance can affect your quality of life in many ways. It can rob you of the ability to confidently pose for pictures, limit how socially engaged you are in different environments, and leave your worried that your flaws are giving people a negative overall impression of you. What you can find is that there are effective treatments for the different reasons people feel embarrassed by how they look. In fact, many individuals with cosmetic flaws can benefit from just one treatment with dental veneers. Our Walnut Creek, CA dental practice can talk with you about the benefits of this service for making exciting and lasting changes to how you look!

woman happy with results of general dental care general dentistry conceptYour oral health is something you should take seriously, as it is important to your appearance and your overall well-being. Many people assume that because they practice good habits and are not bothered by any discomfort, their teeth must be in good condition. The trouble with letting this belief is that they can feel less inclined to keep up with general dental care. As a result, they become more susceptible to issues in the future, and they are at risk for letting trouble go untreated until it becomes more complex. Our Walnut Creek, CA dental practice is prepared to help you stay on top of your smile care needs. Your general dental health reviews provide important feedback, and they can reveal problems that have yet to cause you active discomfort. These visits also provide thorough cleanings that can remove plaque and tartar buildup to help you stay healthy.

woman with nice smile dental fillings conceptHow concerned should you be when you learn you need cavity treatment? The formation of a cavity is something to worry about; fortunately, the right treatment can take on the trouble decay creates. Our Walnut Creek, CA dental practice often uses composite fillings to address this concern. Cavities that are caught in time can be treated with this conservative restoration, which bonds to the tooth structure and mimics it. When necessary, we can discuss other beneficial services. Remember that regular dental exams will lower your risk for decay and also help you learn when work is needed before there are complications.