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Are You Due For A General Dental Review?

06 Mar Are You Due For A General Dental Review?

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Your oral health is something you should take seriously, as it is important to your appearance and your overall well-being. Many people assume that because they practice good habits and are not bothered by any discomfort, their teeth must be in good condition. The trouble with letting this belief is that they can feel less inclined to keep up with general dental care. As a result, they become more susceptible to issues in the future, and they are at risk for letting trouble go untreated until it becomes more complex.

Our Walnut Creek, CA dental practice is prepared to help you stay on top of your smile care needs. Your general dental health reviews provide important feedback, and they can reveal problems that have yet to cause you active discomfort. These visits also provide thorough cleanings that can remove plaque and tartar buildup to help you stay healthy.

Regular Checkups And Dental Cleanings Play Important Roles In Smile Care

As important as it is for you to keep up with a good smile care routine at home, be careful not to think of it as the only activity necessary for preventing problems. A good diet and a smart hygiene routine both matter, but going without dental exams can still leave you in a vulnerable state. This is partly because brushing and flossing will not remove any tartar deposits that have formed since your last visit. Another reason is that you may not know something is wrong even after a cavity forms, as the problem can do permanent harm before it begins to make you uncomfortable.

What To Expect During Your Next Visit

During your next general dental exam, you can count on support in several forms. Cleanings fight plaque and tartar buildup so that these deposits are no longer present and able to threaten you with tooth decay or gum disease. To check on your overall health, you undergo a visual examination with your dentist, and you may have additional screenings done using advanced imaging technology. These tools can help us assess the current state of your oral health the first time you come in. Because we rely on digital imaging technology, we are able to capture the images we need in less time and in a safer manner than with traditional x-rays.

What Happens When Problems Are Discovered During A Checkup?

It can be disheartening to hear that you need more than preventive care. The good news is that when problems are caught early, they can be treated through more conservative restorative dental work. We can catch and treat a cavity before it has the opportunity to cause an infection or make you uncomfortable. This makes it possible for us to preserve more of your tooth structure.

Talk To Your Walnut Creek, CA Dental Office About Booking General Dental Care

For more information on general dental care and how it can benefit you, call our Walnut Creek, CA dental practice at (925) 930-8465.