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Relying On Veneers For Cosmetic Improvement

03 Apr Relying On Veneers For Cosmetic Improvement

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Whether you have one specific change you wish you could make to your smile or many, feeling self-conscious about its appearance can affect your quality of life in many ways. It can rob you of the ability to confidently pose for pictures, limit how socially engaged you are in different environments, and leave your worried that your flaws are giving people a negative overall impression of you. What you can find is that there are effective treatments for the different reasons people feel embarrassed by how they look. In fact, many individuals with cosmetic flaws can benefit from just one treatment with dental veneers. Our Walnut Creek, CA dental practice can talk with you about the benefits of this service for making exciting and lasting changes to how you look!

People Can Experience Different Smile Concerns

There are different reasons why people lack confidence in the way they look when they smile. Discoloration is a worry for many; for others, issues with teeth that are misshapen or damaged can be the source of their embarrassment. These problems and even some spacing flaws can actually be addressed with the same treatment. Through the placement of dental veneers, we can provide a lasting cosmetic transformation!

Using Veneers To Improve How You Look When You Smile And Speak

Veneers are thin shells that are carefully bonded to the fronts of teeth in need of esthetic improvement. To ensure that you have the right results, we will closely measure your teeth and provide conservative preparatory work. This work is limited thanks to the design of the veneers, which leave much of your healthy structure untouched. They are affixed via a permanent bonding process that can keep you happy with your improvements. These restorations are carefully designed to mimic healthy enamel and hide blemishes, damages, and problems with tooth shape, size, and alignment.

Reviewing Other Services That Can Change Your Smile For The Better

The evaluation provided by your dentist can tell you more about your smile and your treatment options. What you can find is that certain teeth require more than just cosmetic changes. To offer better protection and bite support along with visual improvements, we do offer dental crowns that match your enamel. CEREC technology actually makes it possible for us to make and place these restorations in just one appointment.

Talk To Your Walnut Creek, CA Dentist About Treatment With Veneers!

There are many reasons why people try to hide their teeth from view when they smile and speak. Fortunately, treatment options like the placement of dental veneers can make your current concerns a thing of the past! We are happy to help you understand your options for treatment. Whether you are interested in this or another dental service, learn how we can help by calling our Walnut Creek, CA dental office at (925) 930-8465.