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Renew Your Smile With A Dental Implant

30 May Renew Your Smile With A Dental Implant

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Have you recently lost a tooth, or have you been given a diagnosis that requires an extraction? When you need a prosthodontic replacement solution for your smile, be sure to talk with a trusted team of dental professionals about your options in repair. A beautiful new dental implant can help you to find a lasting repair for one or more of your natural teeth.  This process builds a strong connection between the bone of your jaw and your implant post, giving you the opportunity to regain bite function.

At our dental office in Walnut Creek, CA, we are proud to bring this exciting new technology to clients in need of a tooth replacement solution. Talk to our helpful team about all of the available methods in prosthodontic repair so that you can make a decision that fits your smile. A dental implant could be the right solution for your tooth loss, so reach out to your dentist today and discuss your next steps!

Dental Implants Maintain Their Strength From An Amazing Connection To Your Jaw

If you are unfamiliar with how the dental implant process works, we can help you to understand each part of the placement. Initially, your provider will need to be sure that your jaw bone has sufficient mass and density to hold your implant. After they have determined that this method is suitable for your smile, they will place a sturdy titanium rod into your jaw. This metal has threads, similar to a screw or bolt, and your body will actually grow snugly to it. This is possible because titanium interacts with the immune system in a special way!

After a short period of recovery, you will have a stable new implant post that can serve you for years to come. Your provider will place a custom new prosthetic tooth atop your post, giving you a custom smile solution that matches your natural smile and is designed to handle the stress of daily use.

Planning For Future Tooth Loss With Dental Implants

If you know that you will need future prosthodontics due to age or illness-related concerns, a dental implant could be a positive solution for your smile. Implant posts are becoming an increasingly popular choice for multi-teeth replacement, up to and including a full mouth of implant-supported dentures. Talk to your dentist about how a new dental implant solution could be helpful for your specific situation.

Revitalize Your Smile With Dental Implants In Walnut Creek, CA

When you need the replacement of one or more of your existing teeth, speak with our team about how a dental implant could help you to chew with confidence. Give us a call at Kwon & Jabbour Dental in Walnut Creek, CA at (925)930-8465 today!