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Helping Kids Breathe With HealthyStart

01 Sep Helping Kids Breathe With HealthyStart

Adorable little boy sleeping in bed

When children develop issues with the growth of their jaw and airways, this could lead to poor breathing during the night. Sleep disordered breathing then impacts their behavior, and could cause difficulty reaching emotional and educational milestones. Our Walnut Creek, CA, dental office can treat sleep disordered breathing with HealthyStart appliances!

The Causes Of Sleep Disordered Breathing

Your little one could have issues breathing easily at night due to complications with the growth and development of their jaw and oral structures, which can partially obstruct air passages. The issue could also be related to thumb sucking and pacifier use, weakened facial muscles, or a diet high in processed foods. The disorder breathing means that their sleep cycle is interrupted multiple times, and they may not obtain the rest necessary to feel rested and alert the next day. As a result, this can impact their behavior in negative ways and even limit their ability to focus during school. That may fall behind and even have difficulty reaching the usual emotional and educational milestones accepted of them.

Possible Symptoms

These underdeveloped dental arches and weakened airways could lead to symptoms such as snoring, mouth breathing, shallow breathing or tongue thrusting, and enlarged tonsils. Children are more vulnerable to dental misalignment, leading to crooked and crowded teeth. Malocclusion, such as open bites, crossbites, and overbites, could also occur. If any of the potential symptoms and behavioral/sleep issues we’ve discussed applies to your child, then bring him or her in for a consultation. Our team will conduct a detailed diagnosis with advanced imaging systems, so we can take a clear look at their smiles and air passages to assess their risk and choose the most appropriate treatment option. For many kids, HealthyStart oral appliances could ensure better breathing and deeper sleep.

A Solution with HealthyStart

With an oral appliance custom-made for your child’s smile, the growth of your child’s smile is guided and the erupting teeth are directed into proper position, which helps prevent obstructed breathing and misalignment. The devices are easy to clean and use, and kids only need to wear them for about one to two hours a day, so they don’t cause a major interruption in your child’s routine. These are custom-made so they fit comfortably and don’t bother your little one, and HealthyStart appliances are FDA-approved and made from materials free of BPA, silicone, and latex.

If you want to help treat your child’s sleep disorder breathing, then contact our team today to learn more about our HealthyStart treatment process!


Our team wants to help your children enjoy better oral health and breathe without complication. To learn more, call our Walnut Creek, CA dentist’s office today at (925) 930-8465.