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5 Tips for Your Child's First Dental Visit

02 Jan 5 Tips for Your Child's First Dental Visit

Are you thinking it’s time for your child to have their first dental checkup? Introducing your children to first-time experiences can be exciting and a little scary. Preparing beforehand is sensible, so your child knows what to expect. See these five tips for your child’s first dental visit and how to make this a fun, relaxed experience.


1. Talk to Them About What Dentists Do

Demystify the role of dentists with your child several days before the first checkup. Tell them about what dentists do and highlight the positives. For example, explain how they keep our teeth healthy and free from pain. And also tell them how well looked after teeth make our smiles lovely and welcoming.

2. Role Play About Your Child’s First Dental Visit

Doing a little role-playing exercise can be useful. Again, do this some days before, so your child has plenty of time to ask questions. You, of course, pretend to be the dentist. During the exercise, put on some latex gloves and explain that the dentist will also wear gloves. Then, gently touch some of their teeth, showing and telling them how the exam is done. When the time comes, your child will be familiar with what to expect.

3. Story Books to Read to Your Child

Another tip to help prepare for your child’s first dental visit involves finding a storybook with a dental visit theme. If one of their favorite characters enjoys going for a checkup, your child will also expect to have some fun. A relatable story helps make the whole idea positive, perhaps even a little exciting for them.

If you cannot find a suitable story, contact the dental office. Inquire whether they have any children’s dentist visit storybooks to recommend or if you can borrow one.

4. Comfort Toys

If your child is very young and has a favorite toy, bring it along for the dental visit. Their toy may even get a checkup as well.

5. Prepare with the Dental Office for Your Child’s First Dental Visit

Give the office a call and talk to the dentist who will be treating your child ahead of time. Find out how they treat young children on first visits. You can then build this method into your stories and role-plays.

A Gentle Approach

At Kwon & Jabbour Dental, we want your child’s first dental visit to be as comfortable and relaxed as you do. So get in touch with us to discuss our method and any special needs your child may have.