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Composite Fillings And Cavity Concerns

06 Feb Composite Fillings And Cavity Concerns

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How concerned should you be when you learn you need cavity treatment? The formation of a cavity is something to worry about; fortunately, the right treatment can take on the trouble decay creates. Our Walnut Creek, CA dental practice often uses composite fillings to address this concern. Cavities that are caught in time can be treated with this conservative restoration, which bonds to the tooth structure and mimics it. When necessary, we can discuss other beneficial services. Remember that regular dental exams will lower your risk for decay and also help you learn when work is needed before there are complications.

Why The Presence Of A Cavity Is Concerning

Once your cavity forms, your tooth will suffer permanent harm. The damage worsens as time passes without treatment. Fortunately, there are treatments that address this harm without affecting the way you look. During a general dental exam, your dentist will closely check for concerning signs of decay. When problems are identified, we can progress with the appropriate restorative service.

Treating Your Cavity With A Discreet Filling

Composite dental fillings cover the portions of teeth affected by decay. Through their placement, the overall structure is protected and your appearance is preserved. This substance can be seen as a welcome alternative to metal materials that are used to provide fillings. This is thanks to its lifelike appearance as well as its ability to permanently affix to your enamel. We can place yours in just one appointment, which means only a short time is needed to fully restore your tooth.

Regular Dental Appointments Lower Your Risk For Complications With Decay

Through consistent dental visits, you lower your risk for problems with tooth decay. Regular exams can warn you about active problems, and they can provide protection to make them less likely to affect you. One benefit to regular visits is that you receive thorough dental cleanings. These cleanings remove plaque deposits as well as tartar buildup that can form over time. Tartar removal is particularly helpful, as deposits cannot be removed by brushing and flossing. Going without these visits means missing out on cleanings, guidance on better care at home, and timely warnings about active threats. Patients who only return to the dentist's office when they believe something to be wrong can find that they need more advanced treatment to address a larger cavity!

Talk To Your Walnut Creek, CA Dentist About Treatment With A Composite Filling

Through the placement of a composite filling, we can effectively and discreetly restore your tooth after a cavity forms. Dealing with decay in this way provides lasting protection without making a conspicuous change to your appearance. For more information on how we can take care of you, call your Walnut Creek, CA dental office today at (925) 930-8465.