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Adorable little boy sleeping in bed

When children develop issues with the growth of their jaw and airways, this could lead to poor breathing during the night. Sleep disordered breathing then impacts their behavior, and could cause difficulty reaching emotional and educational milestones. Our Walnut Creek, CA, dental office can treat sleep disordered breathing with HealthyStart appliances!

Happy girl puts a dental retainer on her teeth, she stands on a

When you look at your smile in the mirror or in a photo, do you find yourself focusing on gaps or overlaps between your teeth? Many people have doubts about the way they look because of problems with the alignment of their smile. What you may not realize is that fixing your issue can be easier than you think possible. Our Walnut Creek, CA dental office provides an effective cosmetic solution in the form of clear aligners. With these clear, custom-made appliances, we are able to gradually move your teeth into their ideal positions so that spacing issues no longer make you self-conscious!